Do You Public Library? 

Last week, my hubby decided after 16 years of marriage that he had to finally make the big step. He needed to join the local public library! I was driving the mountain roads and this statement almost resulted in a spectacular accident. What? Why? He explained to me that one of his credit card providers offered a newspaper subscription which now had ended.  He really did not want to pay for a subscription as he did not read the newspaper everyday so it was not worth the expense.  Then for the second time and just a few minutes apart he amazed me again with the next comment.  Yes! He did listen to my raving that by just being a member of the public library,  the community can access e-books, audio books, magazines and newspapers on their tablets or other smart devices, anywhere and everywhere. So he deduced, he really did need his own library membership! I agreed that, yes, he really needed to stop using mine (even if it was so infrequent I could count the times on one hand) for borrowing items from the library.

Hubby said he used the public library as a child but really can not remember if he was a member or he borrowed using his mum’s card. As a young adult he studied at university so he was a member of the university library and then when we met and when I would frequent the library he would borrow using my card. So this joining a library, becoming a member, was a momentous occasion.  At least it was to me! Now that has become a member, he has accessed the online services. He is amazed at what is available and spends his evenings discovering and relating this information to me.  

One thing I have discovered is that different public libraries have different providers. The City of Sydney Public Library, which anyone from NSW can become a member (“Library membership is free to all NSW residents, including local people at risk (homeless and refugee status)”), has PressReader which allows readers access to  “Browse through 3000 local, regional and international publications online, with titles from more than 100”. WOW!!! Whilst our local library does not have this access but does have access to many similar things as well as access to NSW State Library but it is not what he requires, so next time we are in the city, guess what we will be doing! 

Are you a member of your local public library? When was the last time you visited either in real life or online? Are you aware of its services it provides? Do you make the most of what your library offers you? 

Yes, I am almost a librarian (in my final year of my degree)  so yes, I am biased towards libraries. I want more people to realise the power that they have access to for FREE!

Check out these two sites out; the first points out why libraries are important for the future of our communities and the second is to prove that librarians are fun people and not the stereotypes many think.  

Whatever You Geek, The Public Library Supports It All

Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Parody: Unread Book 


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I am a mother, wife and student, Curtin University, Bachelor of Arts, Librarianship and CIM (final year!!).I enjoy cooking but many look vastly different to the picture, although most still taste delicious! I also have a few knitting and crocheting projects that are half completed (slight exaggeration) as I get bored easily. I LOVE READING!!! Reading is my first priority in life to the detriment of my health, friends, family and home. I am not a perfectionist, so please excuse my typos if you see them (I promise to fix any I see, but one or two always slip through).

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