Why write a blog?

Yesterday, I discovered that I was unsuccessful in obtaining another internship. This was just one of the many of jobs, volunteer positions and internships that I hoped to begin my career.  Being a woman who was fortunate (although some may disagree and there are many times I do as well!) to stay home and raise our four children I feel like I had lost the person I was.  I was someone career oriented and wanted more from life than cafes and lunches, with mums discussing things, but not doing anything extraordinary. This is not to say many workers do anything extra ordinary but I wanted more. So when we moved to a country town in New South Wales, I was not only lonely as I knew no one but also bored. A mum at my girls’ dancing school would always arrive at the studio with a file and a text book and she soon divulged that she was studying online to become a school teacher.  This sounded interesting and I mentioned how I have always wanted to work in a library but had previously been dissuaded by many a librarian that there were no jobs and it was and Information Technology degree, so it was not for the likes of me!

This mum, who I now owe a lifetime of gratitude, looked in Online Universities site and lo and behold there was a BofA in Librarianship and Corporate Information Management and it was run by Curtin University in Perth.  I had previously studied at Curtin so I felt that this was a sign.   I enrolled and began my journey in 2011.  Yes, I have learned that librarians are not about books only. They are a treasure trove in helping others find information or pointing them in the right direction to what they need. They are information literate and are not afraid of the future technologies. They are constantly finding ways to engage and encourage others in knowing more, being more and really in a nutshell, helping others become lifelong and engaged learners. They are so much more than books and I want to be one!

To be like these amazing librarians, one must be continually learning and finding information that is relevant to this profession, so I spend many an early morning interacting on Webinars that are conducted in America and Europe. I previously never recorded what knowledge I had gained from these courses but I will on here.  So this blog will have my thoughts and ideas of what librarians and information specialists are doing and how it is evolving.


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I am a mother, wife and student, Curtin University, Bachelor of Arts, Librarianship and CIM (final year!!).I enjoy cooking but many look vastly different to the picture, although most still taste delicious! I also have a few knitting and crocheting projects that are half completed (slight exaggeration) as I get bored easily. I LOVE READING!!! Reading is my first priority in life to the detriment of my health, friends, family and home. I am not a perfectionist, so please excuse my typos if you see them (I promise to fix any I see, but one or two always slip through).

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